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What is an Apostle and why do you need one?

A Brief Explanation About Apostles


“Quite frankly, I don’t know what it (apostleship) is, and I cannot quite fathom what all the fuss is about.  What are apostles anyway, and what makes them so important?” “I am willing to listen and learn about them before I decide for or against the apostle’s validity in the church.”


To unravel this heretofore unwieldy subject, let us start with apostleship: what is apostleship and why is it needed?  Apostleship identifies for the New Creation body of Christ in scripture the staff of first-ranking ministers specially chosen and ordained by God to perpetually lead and empower His church. They are unusually endowed, authorized, and commissioned by the risen Christ to recover, sustain, and enlarge His possessions and, overall, protect and perpetuate the church as long as it is in the earth.

Why God Summons Apostles

God summons apostles whenever the church becomes overrun with humanist, secular, or pagan ideologies and rhetoric. When those inhabited by His Holy Spirit have no idea what that means, or when the world ceases to know and appreciate the value and presence of the church, then apostles are commissioned to return the heart of God’s people to Him and His holdings to His household. 


The next logical question, then is why apostles?  What makes them more qualified for the job than the other ministers?  The answer to this question rests in the very essence of the office.  Apostleship from Christ is typically not a from-within-the-ranks position. The very reason the apostle is called upon establishes this fact. If the problem is within the entity to which they are sent, it makes sense that its present leadership or government is either incapable of or disinterested in its reparation for any number of reasons.


In addition, Matthew chapter ten answers how and why apostles are usually not readily welcome in the ranks by those to whom they are sent.  As a rule, only two types of people welcome Christ’s apostles: those who have been begging God to intervene and change things because of institutional abuse or neglect by present leadership or those called to work with apostles to ignite the changes the worn out and disillusioned implore Him to launch, and launching change is what apostles do.


What is an Apostle?

So what is an apostle in a word?  In brief,"An apostle is a specially commissioned officer of the Lord Jesus Christ sent to recover His contemporaneous church and to enlarge His earthly possessions by harvesting a given generation." The possessions apostles recover include returning the Lord’s people to His dominion.


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