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Day #2 Recap: Revelation, Revival & the Apocalypse

"Once you take God at His word, God will tell you His business."

~Dr. Paula Price

Day Two of our 30 Days of Services opened with prophetic praise, worship and dance from The Congregation of the Mighty Ecclesial Embassy's (or COMEE for short) FirstFruits of Praise. Following praise and worship, we heard from Prophet Marie Solberg about how the Lord is changing the demographics of our congregation. Following her prophecy, Dr. Price prayed against witchcraft and its power over the church. She shook the heavens and the earth with power! Chief Prophet Tala Price concluded our opening segment with a prophetic news report about the alarming United States currency changes that are already in motion.


Did you know that time facilitates sin, the Earth realm was Satan's prison, and time didn't exist in God's realm until Lucifer split His realms? That is a lot to contemplate. According to the book of Ezekiel, Lucifer ran Earth before Genesis 1.


Do you understand the book of Revelation? We all have deeper insight into Revelation chapter six after last night. What happens during the Sixth Seal? How quickly does the earth recover from the massive earthquake? Dr. Price answers the age-old question, "Why didn't God just kill Lucifer?" She also mapped out the biblical timeline of the Seals and Rapture. Be sure to take your notebook and keep track of the unfolding revelation.


"Hell wants you and needs you to be mad at God." What a statement! This current church favors sin over righteousness. Unity is the place where God commands the blessing. THERE He commands the blessing, not THEN He commands the blessing. Satan can not fight unity because he brought himself into existence with division.


What are you laying down on the altar for the Lord in these 30 Days?

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