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Day #1 Recap: God's Impending Revival

Updated: May 9, 2023

"America forgot that her liberty didn’t come from a piece of paper. It came from the God of the land." ~Dr. Paula Price

Day One of our 30 Days of Services opened with lively praise and worship from The Congregation of the Mighty Ecclesial Embassy's (or COMEE for short) FirstFruits of Praise. Following praise and worship, Apostle Ashleigh Claytor gave a brief exhortation and history lesson about COMEE and what it was like for her to shift from a traditional evangelical upbringing to a house of apostleship.

Dr. Price launched our service focusing on how the flesh reacts when God begins to move. o “Your flesh will kick up with when God rises up.” Dr. Price shared her testimony about how she grew up in the Lord, speaking in tongues and how they changed and matured after every consecration. Her tongues changed in texture and not just language. She said, “Your faith is weak because your tongues are infrequent.” She explained how she learned to know the difference between praying in tongues and speaking in tongues. Dr. Price stated why Satan hates you praying in tongues and why Jesus groaned when raising Lazarus from the dead. She comedically recalled the agony of growing in the Spirit and how it affected her brain! Finally, Dr. Price provided an impacting example of the importance of honoring your word to the Lord in your prayer time. “Every time you touch a life, there is a personal sacrifice.”


Dr. Prices shared a vivid vision she had the day after President Biden’s Inauguration and the wolf that descended from heaven. The wolf is the principality battling the eagle (America’s principality) over The United States. Dr. Price then explained the difference between devils and demons and why they are not the same. “You must find the Prince that has authority over the realm.” The power behind Barak Obama is a tiger.


Perhaps the most exciting segment of tonight's message focused on The Process of Divine Elevation as stated in Zechariah 3. Verse one says, "Then he showed me Joshua the high priest standing before the Angel of the Lord, and Satan standing at his right hand to oppose him." One of the most profound statements of the night was, "If God hasn’t raised you in the spirit, you’re wasting time and money trying to rise in the flesh." WOW! We had to pause and think about that one. Dr. Price articulated that, “If God can’t clean your soul, He knows you can’t clean His house.” Your soul can be filled with the world you were called out of. This is the process of divine elevation. When God is changing your soul clothes and garment, it is agonizing.


  • We are born again from the incorruptible seed (spores) of God. 1 Peter 1:23. We must understand that America was founded on the New Birth.

  • B.I.O.T.I.C. Begotten - Implanted - Offspring - Transfused - Individuated - Cellulation

  • "Love did not save us. The Holy Ghost did because God so loved the world."

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