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Day #3 Recap: Let's Talk About Time & Mortality

“Your ego hides your dreams because it’s guarding your self-righteousness.”

Day #3 introduced a new element to our 30 Days of Services. Click to view "Changing World Order: 10 Conflicts to Watch" by Chief Prophet Angela Powers.


Dr. Price cracked open the mystery to God revealing His secrets. Job 33 accounts Job’s record with the Lord. Job thought he was upright with God, however, Elihu tells him to the contrary. Dr. Price explained that dreams are not always hidden because they’re obscure. Sometimes, “Your ego hides your dreams because it’s guarding your self-righteousness.”


Humanity has devoted centuries in creating anti-aging remedies. Dr. Price unfolded layers of revelation by explaining how time is a biotic organic creature-imposed function. Time is a potent judicial therapy that administrates God’s law of sin and death affecting all creatures. Only salvation in Jesus Christ can halt its spiritual perpetuation. In connection to the Law, “Your behavior is a biotic issue, not a print (law on paper) issue.” Time is why people die, get old, fall and stumble, err, and deceive because of the law, sin and death that compels time to decompose them. The new birth does not immediately convert the soul or rescue the body from its predestination. Time a nagging mystery. It is a function and authority.


“Depression awakens death codes.” Your depression becomes your restrainer. Depression begins as imps and graduates to princes (principalities). They come with fake tears to reinforce your sense of failure, insecurity and inferiority so Satan does not have to deal with you as a real contender in what he doesn’t want to relinquish. Dr. Price explained that key phrases of defeat are, "I don't care..." or "It doesn't matter..." She concluded our service by challenging us to review our lives and take note of what patterns or activities precede changes in our lives.

Note: Dr. Price referenced her book, The Story of Death. Click here to purchase it and add it to your library.

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